Jeff Koons With Louis Vuitton Handbags Outlet

Classicism needs all the pals it can obtain. Gallery attendance is going down all over the globe, and also earnest efforts to court the young and also identify with the brand-new are clearly not functioning. Something extra eloquent is required: unquestionable excitement for fantastic art in a language people in the 21st century understand.

louis vuitton outlet with Jeff Koons

How around a Louis Vuitton bag with RUBENS written on it in huge gold letters over a reproduction of that 17th-century painter’s violent, abundant and also beautiful job Tiger, Lion as well as the Leopard Search?

I can’t consider a simpler way to place terrific art at the forefront of modern minds. This is not a negative exercise. The hunt paint is not a pop icon– yet– yet a serious painting precious by art lovers. Jeff Koons, for example.

Rubens is just one of the fantastic painters Koons has chosen to commemorate in a line of bags for Vuitton. Koons, a notorious appropriation artist, is infamous for turning kitsch photos and also things into art, however, for his range of purses, rucksacks as well as various other expensive accessories he is transforming wonderful art back into pop culture. Just as Andy Warhol produced Warholised versions of Renaissance art, Koons has turned the old masters into style must-haves (if you can afford them– costs vary up to $4,000).

For from massaging Rubens in the dust and also lowering the superb to the useless, these luxury louis vuitton outlet uk sale aim to me like genuine homages to great art. Koons clearly has an erudite and also passionate love of oil painting, for while his bags promoting the Mona Lisa and also Van Gogh’s Wheat Area With Cypresses could be easy on our brains, he is additionally bravely educating us by insisting on the prestige of Rubens, Titian as well as Fragonard.

Koons’ subtle enthusiasm for art is concealed by his obvious belief in banality

Frago-who? This 18th-century French painter of frills, foliage as well as flesh was the last expert of the priceless as well as spirited rococo style that celebrated enjoyment as well as became seen by revolutionary moralists as a decadent courtly visual of avoidance as well as indulgence. A lot of his clients passed away under the guillotine in the French revolution. He was unstylish after that and is unstylish currently, however Koons has actually placed his sensuous painterly brilliant into the heart of the style globe with a louis vuitton replica bag enhanced with his 1770 painting Girl With a Pet, once more jazzed up with the name FRAGONARD in gold.

louis Vuitton bag designed by Jeff Koons

This may not be such an unexpected selection for Koons after all. Fragonard’s provocative paint of a partially naked girl playing with a fluffy pet in bed contends least two similarities with his very own developments. His large flower statues of puppies are amongst his most brilliant subversions of just what contemporary art is meant to look like, and the painting’s voyeurism shares his cravings for blurring the line in between art and also porn.

Notification this, and you see Jeff Koons differently. This is an artist who checks out– as well as thinks about– art from the past, as well as locates his most brilliant concepts there. The 18th-century rococo as well as the odd genius of Fragonard is not something he discovered the other day. He has actually been making use of the rococo for his sculptures for a long time. Likewise, his flamboyant super-pop paintings are absolutely nothing less than efforts to restore the power of Rubens. A refined interest for art is concealed by his obvious idea in banality.

Now Koons is sharing the art he most likes. The power of Rubens, the sensuality of Titian as well as the mischievous painterly breads of Fragonard plainly interest him, and he desires other individuals to see exactly what he sees. This is not simply a line of high-end louis vuitton bags. It is a musician’s meditation on the masters, in purse type. Picasso copied as well as revamped terrific paintings in his later years. Koons is using a various sort of art lesson, and it is a pleasure. I wish to see the names FRAGONARD as well as RUBENS radiant on Oxford Street, on Fifth Avenue, their masterpieces leaving of the gallery into modern-day lives.

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